Pacific Heights Kitchen

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  Mr. Sven Hoffmann has been designing our kitchens for the past ten years. He is a graduate of the culinary school of Hamburg, Germany, and did his apprenticeship at the Inter-Continental Hotel, Hamburg. He moved to the US and continued working as a chef at several notable California restaurants, among them the Auberge du Soleil under the direction of the world renowned chef Masa.

His extensive knowledge of what works in a kitchen has helped enormously in his approach to designing kitchens. He believes a kitchen must function first, after which almost any look can be applied. He has designed Kitchens in both traditional and contemporary genres.

We are not a showroom, and therefore do not emphasize any particular cabinet manufacturers. All our kitchens are completely custom. We provide drawings and/or 3-D Cad drawings.

Mr. Hoffmann also does extensive appliance research, and will recommend appropriate appliances. As these change every year, he does this research for every project. He also researches and recommends all surface materials for each project. He is always looking for green alternatives that work.

Please read more about his unique design process in the Fall 2006 issue of Homestyle by the Sea